24 Hours of Daytona

24 hours of racing, and JIB Racing has achieved there first top 5 finish, ending up in 4th place. The team also welcome David Webb in the car, who we thank for his help with the setup, and the paint. The team was seeded 18th place, out of 20 cars, and after being hit by a car which missed there braking point at the start of lap 2, things were looking a bit down.

Luckily the car was not to damaged, and with Ben and John, performing triple stints, not taking tyres at any of there stops, the team was up in to 6th place.

With 4 hours to go, the team was in 5th place, with 60 seconds of third place.

At the end of the race, we finished 4th, having overtook 5th place, but third place just being two quick at the end.

It was still a great result, considering where we were seeded, and the damage we got early on.

For the race results, click here: http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/EventResult.do?&subsessionid=25785133

To watch the full race back, see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XelvzdiqU9k&list=PLeEvwB54_8aR4b6iwaVOmtOjHpAelx6Xj

All eyes turn to the next race at Sebring, on March 2nd.

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